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What we do


Christian Family Centre is not a conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre but rather a Christian discipleship centre, although it is open to all whether they confess faith or not.

People stay with us for different lengths of time depending upon their specific need. Before people become a resident at CFC  their lives have usually become pretty chaotic, so there is an immediate need for a disciplined routine. Time is allotted for study – as part of a group and individually, and for personal pastoral mentoring. There is also a focus on practical work, and so we have fully equipped wood and metal workshops, as well as a polytunnel for growing plants and vegetables. We seek to provide practical work not as time-filler but primarily as an aid to the therapeutic process. We are physical, bodied beings and our journey of healing will reflect this. Times of silence and solitude, and just plain ‘free-time’, are also factored into the weekly routine, so that there is time to think and reflect. We have discovered that silence and solitude is advantageous for spiritual formation generally but, for those who formerly abused substances, it is almost essential for dealing appropriately with real thoughts and feelings. They need to learn how to do ‘bored’ if they are ever going to live without sensual stimulation (the same goes for non-substance abusers as well).


If you want to find out more about how our residential programme works then please contact us.

Family Accommodation

We have a number of self contained bungalows for families to remain semi-independent yet have the benefits of a sheltered environment.

Shared Accommodation

When people come to stay with us and dont have any family with them they stay in this building. It makes up two seperate houses one for men and one for ladies. This building was the last Police station to be in the village of Armoy.

What do other’s say?

I felt safe inside and out for the first time in my life at CFC.


The hardest and best days of my life were at CFC