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About us

Our Story

Christian Family Centre has its genesis in the transformed lives of Davey and Linda Hoy. Alcohol abuse, on Davey's part, had almost physically destroyed him, and had a negative impact on his marriage and family. However, in the late 1980s, as the Hoys responded to the good news of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, their lives took on a radical new direction. Almost immediately after their conversion they began to understand that God was commissioning them to help others who found themselves in circumstances similar to their own. They sensed that God wanted them to pioneer a ministry that would provide refuge to people trapped by all kinds of trouble, but especially those overwhelmed by addiction. So, without any capital or visible means of support, they left their business and home community to pursue the call that they believed God was putting on their lives. Davey and Linda’s own transformation provides the foundational hope for our ministry to individuals and families that are affected by addiction.

In 2005 Davey and Linda handed over the day-to-day leadership of the Centre at Armoy to Paul and Kerry Paynter. Since then they have been travelling to various parts ministering to those in debt,distress and discontentment (2 Samuel 22:2) which was a significant part of their inital calling. They have also started another Centre in the African country of Namibia.